Serving Grades 5-12

Serving Grades 5-12

What if every child loved learning? The right environment can make all the difference when preparing to excel in the real world. At the Einstein School, we believe all students have their own, unique learning style. Do you know of two kids who are the same?

College Preparatory

College Preparatory

The Einstein School features customized, STEAM focused, highly accelerated programs for college bound scholars. Unlocking a child’s potential is easier than you think and The Einstein School is the perfect place to do it.

STEAM Focused

STEAM Focused

The children of the future will excel when they are inspired and focus is placed on their individual strengths. If you agree, come check out the Einstein School! Your child may be the perfect candidate for Plano’s premiere private school. We feature customized, STEAM focused, highly accelerated programs for college bound scholars. 



Your child may be the perfect candidate for the award-winning Best Private School in Plano! Selection of students is based on a rigorous process that analyzes prior academic success, current academic achievement levels, recommendations, admission essay, test results, and parental, student, and family interviews.

Student Life

Student Life

Not only are we focused on developing engaging curriculum at the Einstein School, but we focus on the entire student life experience. From Homecoming to holiday parties to Graduation ceremonies, our student life is rewarding and social for each student.

Community Service

Community Service

Our attitude towards students serves to intentionally create an environment designed to help students flourish academically and socially. There is no doubt that an environment where students are having fun and getting to know each other makes our culture special.

Ask Einstein Anything

Ask Einstein Anything

Do you have questions for Einstein? Contact Albert at


Jan Van Blarcum, PhD

Executive Director and Founder

Welcome to The Einstein School where we embrace the idea that “curiosity is intelligence having fun!” Education is not meant to be dull drudgery. Education should not include endless lists of facts to be memorized without context; countless pages of texts to read; or never ending formulas to solve. Education should embrace the idea that each child has their own learning style, pace, and challenges. At The Einstein School, our educators encourage our students to question, to observe, and to analyze in order to understand and to learn how to apply these skills as they venture out into the world.

Our Mission, Philosophy, and Promises


Our enriching and comprehensive curriculum inspires a thirst for knowledge, develops critical thinkers, and provides a solid foundation for continued intellectual success. We are primarily a “no-homework” school that focuses on hands-on, interactive classroom learning. The Einstein School’s curriculum covers everything your child needs for a well-rounded education, plus even more to give them a competitive edge when applying to college.

Mathematics Department

Whether you are programming a robot, designing a bridge, or competing in the stock market challenge, Math is the fundamental component of so much that goes on at the Einstein School.  Our hallmark is individualized instruction, because we recognize that Continue Reading ...

Science Department

The Einstein Science Department believes that in teaching science, we are creating an educated community. Our mission is to equip students with critical thinking skills that will benefit them beyond the science classroom by addressing problems that have real-world applications. Continue Reading ...

English Department

When thinking of our English department, three words come to mind: transformative, unique, and diverse.  We have a unique way of covering literature and literary expression; while essays may be the norm elsewhere, at Einstein, students can also express themselves through poetry, Continue Reading ...

Social Studies Department

The Einstein School Social Studies department believes that studying the past is critical to building a better future. Einstein Social Studies classes are designed to develop critical thinking and analytical skills that will serve students in all areas of study, Continue Reading ...

Foreign Language Department

The Einstein School’s Foreign Language Department believes that building fluency in a second language creates confidence, increases analytical skills, and enhances problem solving.   Our mission is to provide these skills, regardless of language or level, to assist our students throughout Continue Reading ...

Fine Arts Department

The Einstein School Fine Arts Department is committed to instilling passion and leadership to allow each student to develop their own artistic style.  Our mission is to inspire individual student’s desires while providing a lasting affection and a love to Continue Reading ...

We are so proud of our students here at The Einstein School! This webpage is dedicated to showcasing our incredible students and letting them shine! Our students and alumni have accomplished some truly remarkable achievements. From excelling in professional sports, to traveling the world, it seems like our students have done it all! The Einstein School has played proud host to talented ballerinas, equestrians, baseball players, golfers, singers, tennis players, wakeboarders, actors, ambitious scholars, and many more! We believe our students can do anything, and the kids on this page prove it!

Keaton Moore

Keaton Moore, moved back to Texas two years ago for a better education as well as a more competitive baseball experience. Keaton grew up playing baseball and soccer, but baseball has always been his first love. Coming from an athletic Continue Reading ...

Josh Wall

Josh Wall, an Einstein Sophomore, participated in his second Hotter’N Hell cycle race alongside 10,000 other competitors. Located in Wichita Falls, TX, the Hotter’N Hell Hundred is one of the oldest and largest cycling events in the US and lasts Continue Reading ...

Kian Salem

This month’s Student Showcase is brought to you by Einstein student Kian Salem, who describes his experience at The Friends Committee on National Legislation Convention in Washington, D.C. To learn more about FCNL, click here. The Friends Committee on National Continue Reading ...

Vikas Deo

Vikas Deo is a serious Einstein student-athlete who is working hard towards a career as a professional tennis player or playing for a Division I school. In April, Vikas will travel to Madrid, Spain, to the Two Worlds Madrid Tennis Academy. Continue Reading ...

Upcoming Events

There’s always something exciting going on at The Einstein School! Whether it’s our theater department putting on a full-length production, competing in a stock market game, or dancing the night away at prom, there’s always something fun to look forward to! We love our Einstein community and coming together for these school activities is a fantastic way for our students to build friendships, learn new skills, and showcase their talents and abilities. Don’t be shy, read about our exciting activities here and join in on the fun! Kamagra for salesteroid market

Open Enrollment

The Einstein School offers open enrollment. Join our school at any time. Are you ready to invest in your child’s future? Contact us at (214) 282-6268