Pi Day Celebration

The annual Pi Day Celebration has been a cornerstone of our culture for years. As our school has grown, the interests represented by our students, parents, and staff has also grown. However, our love for Pi and Pie has remained a constant and 2019’s celebration was the biggest yet.

But Pi Day has always been more than the celebration. To narrow down who gets pied at the end of the week, students buy Pi Decals and stick them on the doors of the staff members they most want to see pied. The money raised fills a need of the Math or Science department. This year, we needed $800 to outfit the Forensics class with a new microscope. By the end of the week, we raised $830!

As part of the festivities, students had the opportunity to shine with a series of math or science problems, art or baking contests, and even the opportunity to express our love and appreciation of Pi through poetry. Each challenge culminates to the main event: the chance to see a staff member pied in the face!

  • Heidi and JohnK drew the Winners from the group of students who correctly answered the Math challenge.

This year’s Challenge Winners were awarded Einstein Bucks, which can be used for Spirit Wear, the lunch program, Popcorn Fridays, or the School store.

  • Art Challenge Winners

Our Winning artists and poets will have their work displayed on campus, in addition to the Einstein Bucks awarded.

In addition to the Challenges, Students were encouraged to bring their best bakes for the Pie Tasting contest. Judges were looking at crust, creativity, and flavor.

Each year, we close our Pi Day celebrations with the main event: pie-ing the staff who accrued the most Pi Decals. The 2019 Pie Winners were Nathaniel and Lea with 153 Pi Decals and Harlan and Haley with 158 Pi Decals each. Needless to say, it was a fun and messy way to end the week!

Thank you to our students, parents, and faculty for making this important part of our culture so successful! Happy Pi Day and we will see you next year!