What Makes Einstein Unique

Inspiring Future Geniuses

The Einstein School provides a structured and positive educational environment.

Students work in an atmosphere conducive to developing self-esteem while growing intellectually, morally, socially, and emotionally.

We provide a challenging educational program and broad-based activities designed to help students experience the joy of learning. While the intensive Einstein curriculum is similar to other college preparatory tracks in schools across Texas, the details of the presentation of this curriculum give our students distinct learning advantages.

A move to Einstein from a student’s current school gives a renewed opportunity for success. Even intelligent children are not immediately successful. Sometimes they need a second chance.

Our students are given the opportunity to excel above their grade level without having to be removed from their peer group.

The Einstein School Offers:

  • An engaging learning atmosphere created by maintaining an average student/teacher ratio of 8:1.
  • A collegiate style schedule made up of four nine-week quarters that provide ample time to thoroughly investigate each topic of exploration.
  • Intensive writing composition instruction in the belief that each student’s mastery of articulate and effective writing skills is of paramount importance in a college preparatory program.
  • An emphasis on a broad and comprehensive education in The Arts. It is our belief that Arts education is invaluable in improving academic achievement.
  • Instruction in powerful technology skills including: the opportunity to work with the latest software to build and design websites, instruction in current social media trends, blogging, and hardware usage.
  • Junior and Senior seminars designed to help students choose the right college or university and to prepare students for a life away from home.
  • The inclusion of community service into our curriculum as one of the three foundations of an Einstein education.