Six Core Values are our Foundation

Our Core Values are not mere words or catchphrases.
They are the standards, the essence, and the very embodiment of what it means to be part of The Einstein School.

These values apply to both students and staff, and guide us educationally, socially, and ethically.
They help us remain committed to celebrating diversity, promoting academics, and maintaining a strong work ethic.
With these principles, we make a difference in the lives of ourselves and others in our community.

Always Learning


Individuals exemplifying this core value participate actively in their own educations and implement what is learned.
They take ownership of their personal educational development not only in their formative years but at all stages of life. Methods and skills are developed to become life-long learners.


Students and staff not only embrace diversity but champion the differences in humanity that make us who we are.

Color Outside the Lines

We strive to be flexible in our thinking and approaches to different situations.
Not every problem can be solved in the same way. Sometimes outside-the-box thinking is often crucial to success. Creative ideas are encouraged.

All In

Those who are all in bring their “A” game to everything they do. They do whatever it takes to succeed and demonstrate a day-to-day attitude of commitment.

Do What is Right

Individuals do what is right even when no one is watching. They practice the golden rule and make decisions in accordance with strong personal ethics.

Committed to the Cause

Students and staff are goal-oriented and demonstrate a laser-like focus in completing those goals.  They make The Einstein School a better place every day.

Why our Einstein School is unique