More About Jan

Jan Van Blarcum, PhD., Executive Director and Founder

In 1999, I opened Creative Learning 4 Kids, a 501 C3 local non-profit public charity.

In the beginning, we offered in-home tutoring, access to professional educators for home school students, as well as in-home classes. The families we supported, and just about anyone I knew, would say to me, “Why not open your own school?” and at the time I thought they were crazy.

The turning point for me was a bullying situation involving my youngest daughter. At the time, she was attending a small private school in the area.

I went to the school administrators to ask them to work with me on how to help educate the students on what bullying was, and that we needed to work together to help the school staff and student body understand why it is important to create a quality community and school culture.

The school administrator turned a deaf ear to me and said that they would not work together for such an awareness program. I was shocked! Shortly after we decided to remove my daughter from the school and to listen to all of those pleading for me to open my own school.

The Einstein School is a small private school providing college-preparatory education to students 5th grade through 12th.

The Einstein School is a not-for-profit that operates entirely from tuition. Although we are science and math (STEM) focused school, we also offer theater, arts and music, and consistently engage in asking questions and learning the “Why” and “How” the world works around them.

College bound students collaborate in a safe and bully-free community as they prepare for their adult lives and college experiences.
Tuition is reasonably priced and The Einstein School has a commitment to affordable education.

Our school tag line is “The Einstein School: Where Curiosity Survives a Formal Education.”

We provide advanced curriculum opportunities for our gifted students, and support services for dyslexia students by offering the “Take Flight” program in house.
We offer Interactive Metronome Therapy and provide Irlen Syndorme vision screenings on site to students who demonstrate a possible need.

There is a strong commitment to the small classroom sizes: 8-to-1 student/teacher ratio.

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