The Einstein School Faculty & Staff

The Einstein School is extremely proud of the diverse and highly qualified professionals on our staff.

They are passionate about teaching and guiding students on their educational journeys, as well as being instrumental in shaping their moral and social compasses in accordance with our core values.

With an average of over fifteen years of experience in education, the majority of them also have master’s or doctoral degrees. In support of our goal to provide a college preparatory environment, one in three staff members has taught on the faculty of a university, including the Naval Academy of France.

Our staff has earned degrees from institutions such as the Harvard University, Johns Hopkins, SMU, The University of Maryland, The University of Texas, Texas A & M, Boston University, Baylor University, University of California, University of Alabama, and Auburn University, among other significant institutions of higher learning.

Each of our staff members is completely focused on learning as an endeavor, and continually strives to improve the craft of education. Each of them desires to both champion and engender a lifelong commitment to education through his or her everyday classroom activities and demeanor.