Our enriching and comprehensive curriculum inspires a thirst for knowledge, develops critical thinkers, and provides a solid foundation for continued intellectual success.

The Einstein School’s curriculum covers everything your child needs for a well-rounded education, plus even more to give them a competitive edge when applying to college.

We are primarily a “no-homework” school that focuses on hands-on, interactive classroom learning.

Students graduate with not only academic skills, but skills in critical thinking, problem solving, research, writing skills, communication and global perspective that are vital in college and beyond.


Over the past decade, Texas has focused on ensuring that its students are prepared for a changing and increasingly complex future. The Einstein School is closely aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS).  

Our strong college preparatory vision requires that classroom study go well beyond the basic course load. Our teachers deliver an in-depth study of subjects with a hands-on, project-based approach.

Mathematics Science English


Social Studies Foreign Languages Fine Arts


In addition to our use of the academic curriculum, Einstein students receive additional instruction and exposure in the areas of technology, writing, the arts, and all aspects of preparation for post secondary education. Einstein students will also receive master class instruction from guest lecturers from a wide variety of fields.

Personalized Instruction

When teachers differentiate instruction, they provide more than one way for students to access and learn the curriculum.
Differentiated lessons involve some kind of student choice – encouraging engagement and allowing each student to “own their own learning.”

Our teachers are trained to deliver individualized lessons to the students. Differentiating instruction enhances the quality of education in the classroom for a diverse group of students.