Covid-19 and 2020-2021 School Year

We are maintaining the current 2020–2021 academic calendar.

Classes will begin August 17, 2020

As we open for the Fall semester, the Einstein School is focused on providing a safe and healthy environment that will allow our students and staff to return to in-person instruction.

We have spent the last several months adjusting the campus environment and classrooms to align with the CDC, state guidelines, as well as local public health guidance. We are committed to offering in-classroom instruction to our students as well as accommodating the remote learning needs of those students for whom the in-classroom experience is not currently consistent with their health needs.

In planning for these two instructional environments, our plan follows recommendations of the CDC, state, and local government guidelines and directives. Regardless of the setting, we will continue to offer students and their families the education environment and support needed for their success.

Students will attend classes in a potentially modified manner to match the social distancing requirements. We will also provide Virtual and Distance Learning.

Live Classes at the School

  • Grades 7-12, number of students has been reduced to 4-8, based on the physical room space.
  • Campus is only open to School Employees and Students
  • Face Masks and Plexiglass Shields are available to students and teachers
  • There will be passing period options to reduce the number of people in hallways
  • Lunch will be delivered to students in individual bags – at front entry
  • There will not be a cafeteria – Students will eat in classrooms with teachers/supervisors
  • Students should social distance after school – Limited after school activities to those that respect social distancing

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Virtual and Distance Learning

Einstein School has setup Virtual Classes to run synchronized with Live Classes.
This enables students to have choices and the opportunity to interact with one another. We also provide distance learning asynchronous with the classroom.

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