Mikayla’s Summer Scholars

Mikayla Kaliser, a Senior at The Einstein School writes about her experience at The University of Miami’s Summer Scholars Program.

This past summer, I attended the University of Miami’s Summer Scholars Program. The Summer Scholars Program is a three-week program, in which students can choose classes that relate to the major they are interested in. I chose the Sports Management program, and took two classes, both worth college credit.

My first class was in sports marketing and finance, while the second class was in leadership and ethics in sports. Each class lasted around three hours a day. In both of those classes, we had multiple projects to complete, because we were squeezing a whole semester’s worth of classes into just three weeks. I learned many aspects of the sports industry that I would not have known had I not attended the Summer Scholars Program.

Since I chose the Sports Management program, I was fortunate enough to go on the most field trips out of any other program. We had an average of two field trips a week. The professors ensured that we had a tour of almost all the major leagues in Miami. We toured places such as the Miami Heat’s stadium, the Miami Dolphins practice facility, the Miami Marlins Ball Park, the Panthers hockey stadium, Homestead Miami Speedway, and the University of Miami’s student-athlete center.

On every field trip, we had tours of the stadiums and were able to speak to multiple people working with those specific teams. When we were on the tour of the Miami Heat’s stadium, we were fortunate enough to speak to professionals high up in the industry. When we went to the Miami Dolphins practice facility, we walked into the locker room and were able to see two of the players walking out. When we went to the Miami Marlins ball park, we went on a tour of the stadium on game day. We were able to see what it was like to work for a major league team on a game day. We got to walk on the field and see some of the players warming up before the game. Afterwards, the Miami Marlins reserved a suite for us to watch the rest of the game. The classes I took in Sports Management were interesting, but there is nothing like getting a first-hand experience with people in the sports industry.

Before I went to the University of Miami I was not sure if I still wanted to apply there, but afterwards, the University of Miami became my first choice school. I loved my experience at the University of Miami and would definitely recommend it to those interested in getting a head start on their college classes. I was also able to experience college life at the University of Miami. The program helped assure me that I wanted to major in Sports Management and go into the sports industry.