Einstein’s Eagle Scout

Einstein student David Ciminiello is an active Boy Scout in Plano’s Troop 1134 for the past 3 ½ years. On October 21st, David was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank awarded to Boy Scouts! In fact, only 5% of Boy Scouts ever reach the rank of Eagle Scout. To achieve this rank, a Scout must prove that they have fulfilled requirements in the areas of service, leadership, and outdoor skills.

Towards the end of his journey toward becoming an Eagle Scout, David was required to lead, plan, and execute a philanthropy project. While interviewing David on his Scouting achievement, teacher JohnK Wright, V, asked, “What was one of the more challenging aspects of becoming an Eagle Scout?”

David: “One of the greatest challenges I faced was to conduct and plan a project that my Board of Review would accept. These are usually projects that will benefit the community. For my Eagle Scout Project, I wanted to work with an organization that helps families who are grieving for lost family members. I decided to work with the organization Journey of Hope because they helped my family after my father passed away. After contacting Journey of Hope, we decided that providing a dinner for grieving families would be the best way I could give back to the organization. I was in charge of raising donations to buy supplies, prepare the food, and serve the dinner to over 85 people from families who are going through the grieving process. About half of the families had lost children no older than 10. In the end, the project was a success.”

Congratulations to David for his hard work in achieving the coveted rank of Eagle Scout! Throughout his Scouting career, he has proven his dedication to the values of the Boy Scouts of America as well as The Einstein School! We cannot wait to see how far in life David will go and what he will achieve. We are all very proud of his accomplishment!