Adam Wright

At 10 years old, Adam Wright is one of the youngest students attending The Einstein School. Adam’s parents were looking for a private school education that would provide a personalized experience and solid college preparation.

Earlier this year, Adam’s parents visited a farm where they observed Adam’s passion and enthusiasm for the care of animals. Like most parents, they wanted to encourage Adam in his passion so they reached out to the local animal shelter where Adam was able to volunteer.

His passion for animals and enthusiasm about the shelter quickly became apparent to the shelter manager. After a conversation with Adam regarding his education at The Einstein School, the manager suggested that Adam present some alternative revenue sources to the Leadership Board of the shelter.

Adam set to work, using the skills he had learned at Einstein. He needed to examine the average number of animals admitted to the shelter year over year, the cost of food consumed, veterinarian clinic costs, and other expenditures. He used this data to help him understand operating costs and how much revenue would be needed. Adam leveraged the skills he gained in school and the confidence of understanding and was able to put together a well-thought-out budget that he presented and which was accepted by the Board.

Included in this Leadership Board for the animal shelter was the Chief of Police of Allen, Texas. Recognizing the hard work and initiative shown by Adam, the Chief asked Adam to do the same for the police department’s budget. His hard work was recognized and Adam was given an award for his dedication.

The teaching philosophy behind Einstein and how the curriculum engages students in their education, allowed Adam to see a real-world application for the skills he was being taught in the classroom and have the confidence to pursue that opportunity.

We are so proud of Adam and grateful that he is part of our Einstein community.