Each child will begin course work at The Einstein School with their own Comprehensive Educational Matrix (CEM) detailing goals, objectives, and benchmarks for their high school education plan and college preparatory experience. Our students graduate with not only academic skills, but skills in critical thinking, problem solving, research, writing skills, communication and global perspective that are vital in college and beyond. There are four distinct aspects of The Einstein School curriculum.


Over the past decade, Texas has focused on ensuring that its students are prepared for a changing and increasingly complex future. The Einstein School is closely aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS). The school’s curriculum is accepted by the NCAA and is able to work with the Texas Tech Independent School District (TTUISD) curriculum. Our strong college preparatory vision requires that classroom study go well beyond the basic course load. Our teachers deliver an in-depth study of subjects with a hands-on, project-based approach.Plano TX Private School Curriculum Technology


In addition to our use of the academic curriculum, Einstein students receive additional instruction and exposure in the areas of technology, writing, the arts, and all aspects of preparation for post secondary education. Einstein students will also receive master class instruction from guest lecturers from a wide variety of fields.

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When teachers differentiate instruction, they provide more than one way for students to access and learn the curriculum. Many differentiated lessons involve some kind of student choice; this encourages student engagement and allows students to own their own learning. Our teachers are trained to deliver individualized lessons to the students. Differentiating instruction enhances the quality of education in the classroom for a diverse group of students.


The Einstein School is NCAA accredited for high school athletes!