Academic Calendar

The Einstein School Calendar 2017-18

August 2017

14th Teacher In-Service Day
Meet the Teachers 1:00 – 5:00 PM
16th Meet the Teachers 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
20th New Parent Orientation 2:00 – 3:30 PM (Parents Only)
21st First Day of Fall Semester
25th Pajama-Doughnut Day

September 2017

4th Labor Day (Student/Teacher Holiday)
25th Parent-Teacher Conferences
29th Pajama-Doughnut Day

October 2017

9th – 13th Fall Break (Student/Teacher Holiday)
20th End of 1st Quarter
23rd – 27th Red Ribbon Week
27th Pajama-Doughnut Day

November 2017

3rd Teacher In-Service Day (Student Holiday)
20th – 24th Thanksgiving Break (Student/Teacher Holiday)

December 2017

15th End of 2nd Quarter
16th – Jan. 5th Winter Break (Student/Teacher Holiday)

January 2018

8th Teacher In-Service Day (Student Holiday)
9th First Day of Spring Semester
15th MLK Day (Student/Teacher Holiday)
26th Pajama-Doughnut Day

February 2018

19th Parent-Teacher Conferences
23rd Pajama-Doughnut Day

March 2018

2nd End of 3rd Quarter
9th Pi Day Celebration
12th – 16th
Spring Break (Student/Teacher Holiday)
30th Black Friday (Student/Teacher Holiday)

April 2018

2nd Teacher In-Service Day (Student Holiday)
27th Pajama-Doughnut Day

May 2018

6th Senior Graduation
17th – 24th Review/Finals Week
24th End of 4th Quarter
24th Last Day of School
25th Teacher In-Service Day (Student Holiday)
28th Memorial Day (Student/Teacher Holiday)

June 2018

25th – 29th School Closed

July 2018

2nd – 6th School Closed