ADHD Social Media Resources

There are literally hundreds of thousands of resources on line concerning ADHD and they will never offer the same information, treatments, or solutions. For instance, Google “sugar ADHD”. Number one resource returned is Busting the Sugar-Hyperactivity Myth. Then you find 5 Foods That Negatively Impact Your Child’s Mood. Of course sugar is one of the five offenders. How about “sleep ADHD”? Number one is How ADHD Affects Kids’ Sleep and then you find Is ADHD Really A Sleep Problem? How about medication for ADHD? There are literally thousands extolling the virtues of Ritalin and Adderall…but then there’s this…Our Family Is Perfectly Imperfect. It starts out, “My sons – one with ADHD, one without – have a challenging dynamic at times.” Navigating all of this often conflicting information can be exhausting. In addition to researching the best resources for your child you might find it helpful to find groups of parents who are going through the same difficulties as you are experiencing. This list of social media resources for ADHD might help you find some real life solutions from other parents.