Apps For Planet Earth: Technology’s Role In Planetary Awareness

7 iPhone Apps That Brings The Best of Technology to Help Save Our planet

I was informed about a holiday, which admittedly aren’t my favorite times of the season. Earth Day – April 22 is however a day that is aimed towards good and not towards cheap gifts and Hallmark cards. This holiday is Earth Day. Earth day should be a global effort to reduce our impact on the planet we take for granted. It has been a long time coming, and leaders across both aisles in our legislative government are beginning to see that this is not a mere transitional period where the earth gets hot, then it gets cold.

We have polar bears melting off of icebergs and we are looking a rising sea temperatures, and climate irregularities on a global scale. The fundamental issue is finally being addressed, and Earth Day is a reminder that these problems are real, and that we need to do our part to make Earth as sustainable as possible while we still have it as an inhabitable place to live.

We need to realize that this is a problem, backed by real science, and simple chemical principals that comprise all matter in the universe. All these elements are created and eventually re used in a manner that is intended to use what we have not waste it.

Earth day is a global effort, it is not just the super power countries (although most of the energy consumed on earth is here in the United States). Perhaps this is our time, as children grow into free thinking adults that we begin to see some change.

Science is constantly looking for the truth, while pundits on the news are looking for a story (based on truth or not). The scientific community is constantly monitoring these fluctuations in climate changes and reporting their scientifically backed hypotheses.

So What Does This Have To Do With Apps?

This year Apple launched their own initiative geared towards making our planet a better place. These efforts on boarded apps you would think had no relation to saving the planet, or our diverse family of wildlife.

The Apps Making the Difference

  1. WWF — World Wildlife Fund
    • this is the main App geared towards saving the environment
  2. Angry Birds 2
    • This app now offers in app purchases that allow you to donate money directly to WWF and help preserve our environment
  3. Best Friends
    • players can engage in an Apps for Earth quest consisting of fun puzzle levels set in the Yangtze River region in China. To help solve the puzzles, players can purchase unique Panda Pals for a limited-time.
  4. Candy Crush Saga
    • features a live in-game event, Bamboo Hill, which players can experience on the weekends of April 15 and April 21 to help conserve our planet.
  5. Earth Day Guide

    • serves as a kid’s introduction and guide to Earth Day. Included are overviews About Earth Day, Earth Day’s History, News, Inspiring Earth Day, Earth Hour, Earth Day Resolutions, Green Energy, and Podcasts.
  6. Living Earth

    • allows users enjoy a stunning live 3D simulation of the planet with global weather, forecasts and world clock for cities around the world. You can view live global cloud patterns, hurricanes and tropical storms. Also explore and experience amazing weather dynamics on earth with real-time 3D weather maps and typhoon and hurricane tracking.
  7. 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic

    • brings you National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Photographs with behind-the-scenes stories about the most iconic photographs; videos from National Geographic’s photographers; daily updates from Your Shot, and National Geographic’s forum for user-submitted photography.

Remember Earth Day is April 22, and we encourage you to engage with the school to find volunteer opportunities that will help make our school, our community and our world a better place. It can be done if everyone chips in. We should no longer tolerate mediocrity when it comes to protecting our fragile environment. It is the only one we have and it needs to be handled with care.

<3 Look forward to your participation and let’s have a killer Earth Day in 20016!